Service & Repair

We invite you to get in touch with us for all your outdoor furniture maintenance requirements in Thailand.

Our services encompass wood maintenance, fabric cloth replacement, and coating repairs. Our dedicated team is at your service to ensure the utmost care for your outdoor furniture.

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- Teak Wood Maintenance Service - 

We offer deep cleaning to restore its natural beauty, mold removal for a clean and healthy environment, precise sandpapering for a smooth finish, and expert teak oil sealing to protect and enhance the wood's longevity.

- Sunbrella & Olefin Fabric Cloth Change Service - 

Choose between top-quality Sunbrella and Olefin fabric options, with a vast array of colors to match your style. We offer the fabric itself or a hassle-free on-location replacement service with our expert team, ensuring a seamless transformation for your outdoor furniture. Upgrade your outdoor space with our customizable and convenient fabric solutions.

- Powdercoating Repair Service - 

Our expert team removes stains, dirt, and scratches, breathing new life into the coating. Our maintenance not only refreshes the look but also safeguards against rust, extending the life of your beloved pieces. Give your outdoor furniture the care it deserves with our meticulous powder coating restoration.

- Fabric Cleaning Service -

Bring back the vibrancy to your outdoor space with our meticulous fabric care. We provide a deep clean, banishing stubborn stains and dirt from the fabric, ensuring a fresh look