Visconti 6+1 Corner Sofa Lounge

SKU: 301990

159,000.00 ฿

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VISCONTI collection is a fun and playful blend that is conceptualized and inspired by the curved 
lines within caves, along with discovering a similarity with the authenticity of wood. Visconti radiates 
impeccably under the sun just like the way the sun reflects on the surface of the textured cave walls. 
Designed and built with superior detail and quality, the comfortable cushioning conveys and offers an 
inviting feel and makes you enjoy the well-deserved quality time off. The smart assembling method 
and system of design give this collection a distinct style making it unique and unlike any other.

1 x Single Sofa
SKU 301921 |  86*86*69,5cm 

1 x Middle Sofa
SKU 301908 |  86*68*69,5cm 

1 x Left Double sofa
SKU 301927 | 86*145*69,5cm

1 x Middle Corner Sofa 
SKU 301928 | 86*86*69,5cm

1 x Right Double sofa
SKU 301927 | 86*145*69,5cm

1 x Coffee Table
SKU 301981 | 123,5*70*38cm

1 x Side Table
SKU 301961 | 45,5*45,5*45,5cm


Other Specification

  • Fabric Material: Olefin


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