Roma Semi Conversation Lounge

SKU: 332960

99,000.00 ฿

Roma is a collection to recall people on a closer contact. The curved shape enables closer seats and can accommodates eight persons. There are two main alternatives, one is with the woven part to end at the floor and the other is to end at a higher level. Roma can well be imbedded into house use or commercial use in terms of different applications of the materials and the color options.


1 x Left corner sofa(Back cushion quilted)
SKU 332912 | 83*174*73cm 

1 x Right corner sofa(Back cushion quilted)
SKU 332914 | 83*174*73cm 

1 x Round Table (with umbrella hole)
SKU 342574 | D89.5*75.5cm 


Other Specification

  • Cushion Made from 5003
  • Sofa Thickness 150
  • Aluminium Thickness D25*1.5

Seat / Back / Pillow Quantities

  • Left corner sofa(Back cushion quilted): 1 Seat / 1 Back / 2 Pillow
  • Right corner sofa(Back cushion quilted: 1 Seat / 1 Back / 2 Pillow
  • Round Table (with umbrella hole)

Left corner sofa: 1 x 850*1760*750 1PC/CTN
Right corner sofa:1 x 850*1760*750 1PC/CTN
Round Table: 1 x 190*190*715
830*650*830 1PC/3CTN

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