Pallisad 6 Seater L-Shape Sofa Set

SKU: 301480

202,000.00 ฿
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Introducing PALLISAD Collection: Where Minimalism Meets Nature.

Drawing inspiration from the minimalism of Scandinavian architecture and the essence of a field's palisade, PALLISAD Collection strikes the perfect balance of human creativity and the nature.

This collection is the essence of outdoor comfort and sophistication.

Much like an untouched canvas awaiting an artist's touch, the PALLISAD Collection allows you to immerse yourself in nature's artistry before it takes shape as exquisite outdoor furniture.

1 x Left Double Sofa
SKU 301427 | 820*1400*600

1 x Middle Corner Sofa
SKU 301428 | 114*114*60cm

1 x Middle Sofa
SKU 301408 | 82*65*60cm

1 x Right Double Sofa
SKU 301429 | 82*140*60cm

1 x Coffee Table
SKU 301483 | 120*70*40cm

1 x Side Table
SKU 301461 | 47*47*45cm

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