Lisboa 6 + 2 Seat L-Shape Sofa Lounge

SKU: 206090

389,000.00 ฿

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Generous in its proportions, comfortable and airy, based on a solid and elegant aluminum frame foundation, a color rope belt is emerged. This nest hand woven by the best craftsmen will impress you with its softness. It is an armchair invites you to the Mediterranean relaxation.


1 x Left Double Sofa
SKU 206037 | 169*95*95cm

1 x Middle Double Sofa
SKU 206008 | 129*95*96cm

1 x Right Three Seater Sofa
SKU 206046 | 293.5*95*95cm

2 x Single Sofa
SKU 206021 | 131*95.5*96cm

1 x Side Table
SKU 206061 | 104*41*61cm

1 x Coffee Table
SKU 206082 | 140*70*40cm

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