Emoti Swing

SKU: 697795

54,000.00 ฿

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Emoti swing is for elegant and modern garden spaces. Aluminium frame that swings with safety and comfort. You simply sit and swing!


Emoti Swing

Olefin-Cushion: HG-FA-4074B 


Emoti Swing

Olefin-Pillow: HG-FA-4094 


1 x Swing
SKU 697795 | 134*196.5*200cm 


Other Specification

  • Fabric Material: Olefin
  • Cushion Made from top 2701-50 bottom 3201-30
  • Sofa Thickness 100
  • Aluminium Thickness 65*45*2.0

Swing: 1 x 1950*560*690 1PC/CTN

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