Borromeo L-Shape Sofa Set

SKU: 205450

125,000.00 ฿

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A voyage to Europe in the summer and observing the wonderful 
blue reflections of the Mediterranean Sea, the concept is inspired by 
and conceptualized with the feeling that takes one to a sunny day 
near the seaside with an easy breeze blowing.

Borromeo collection is a result that blends the expertise and know-how of HIGOLD with 
natural and pure elements in perfect harmony. This unique collection 
is where the simplicity of natural rope is combined with the modern 
lines of aluminum accurately to bring to life a feeling like no other. 

Mixing and blending conventional design with pleasant nostalgia! 
The scattering of sunlight by the molecules of the water inspires the 
textures and feel of this collection and is a reminder to relax and 
unwind in it.


1 x Middle Sofa
SKU 205408 | 76,5*68*60cm

1 x Middle Corner Sofa
SKU 205428 | 76,5*76,5*60cm

1 x Left Double Sofa
SKU 205427 | 76,5*142,5*60cm

1 x Right Double Sofa
SKU 205427 | 76,5*142,5*60cm

1 x Coffee Table
SKU 205581 | 122*70*35cm

Other Specification

  • Fabric Material: Olefin

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