Armonia Sofa Lounge Grey

SKU: 205080

350,000.00 ฿

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“Armonia” has been conceived to bring the elegance of the interior environments to the outdoor spaces, creating a seamless and elegant living experience. The juxtaposition of contrasting elements is the main component around which the design language of this new sofa plays. The use of wood and braided rope gives it an artisanal and classic look, balanced by the modernity of the clean lines and the shaped body. The play of contrasts continues through the dualism between soft and rigid surfaces, full and empty spaces, modernity and past, reflecting the style of Pininfarina centered on the tradition of the new.

Dualities and contrasts, however, are not meant to create splits, but as a constant tension towards a new balance to create harmony. Finally, the use of specially designed materials allows this sofa to be enjoyed in outdoor environments in total safety and ensuring top performance against atmospheric agents without compromising aesthetics and comfort.
“Armonia” joins to the list of products designed by Pininfarina for Higold, a collaboration born in 2017 that over the years has seen two excellences in the field of furniture give ample vent to their creative flair.



1 x Middle sofa
SKU 205002 | 88*77*76.5cm

1 x Left single sofa
SKU 205022 | 88*105*61.5cm

1 x Right single sofa
SKU 205023 | 88*105*76.5cm

1 x Footstool
SKU 205061 | 75*75*36.5cm

1 x Right Side Table
SKU 205063 | 59.5*50*49cm

Other Specification

  • Fabric Material: Sunbrella
  • Cushion Made from 4050
  • Sofa Thickness 100
  • Aluminium Thickness 20*20*1.5

Seat / Back / Pillow Quantities

  • Middle sofa: 0 Seat / 1 Back / 1 Pillow
  • Left single sofa: 0 Seat / 0 Back / 0 Pillow
  • Right single sofa: 0 Seat / 1 Back / 0 Pillow
  • Footstool: 1 Seat / 0 Back / 0 Pillow
  • Right Side Table

Middle sofa: 1 x 910*805*660 1PC/CTN
Left single sofa: 1 x 1080*910*660 1PC/CTN
Right single sofa: 1 x 1080*890*650 1PC/CTN
Footstool: 1 x 780*780*405 1PC/CTN
Right Side Table: 1 x 625*530*530 1PC/CTN

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