Airport Sun Lounger Set Black

SKU: 203680-BK

55,000.00 ฿

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The Airport collection, designed by Nicolas Thomkins, is made of curved extruded T-profile and corrugated sheet metal used by the Junkers Airplane Company of Dessau. Corrugated sheet metal (CSM) made from steel or aluminium is well-known and mass-produced all over the world to cover walls and roofs for all types of domestic or commercial buildings. Corrugation in various proportions is synonymous with longevity and a never-aging appearance.

Cushion: HG-FA-4077
Pillow: HG-FA-4077


Pillow: HG-FA-4075


1 x Lounge
SKU 203651 | 200*77*95cm | AH530

1 x Side Table
SKU 203662 | 50*50*45cm


Other Specification

  • Fabric Material: Olefin
  • Cushion Made from 5003
  • Sofa Thickness 80
  • Aluminium Thickness 60*9plate
  • Glass Thickness 5mm clear

Seat / Back / Pillow Quantities

  • Lounge: 1 Seat / 1 Back / 1 Pillow
  • Side Table

Lounge: 1 x 2030*550*800 1PC/CTN
Side Table: 1 x 530*220*530 1PC/CTN

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