Phuket Outdoor Furniture by Hiso Living

Are you seeking to transform your outdoor spaces in Phuket into beautiful, comfortable, and inviting retreats? Look no further. Hiso Living's new showroom in Bang Tao is your gateway to a world of premium garden furniture, outdoor sofas, outdoor benches, outdoor dining tables, and sunbeds. Explore the best of outdoor living, all under one roof, and elevate your outdoor experience to new heights. If you're in Phuket, visiting our showroom is a must. Let's dive into the details.

Garden Furniture in Phuket

Phuket's stunning natural beauty deserves to be enjoyed in style and comfort. That's where Hiso Living's exquisite garden furniture collection comes into play. Crafted with the utmost care and attention to detail, our garden furniture will allow you to make the most of your outdoor spaces. Whether you have a spacious garden or a cozy balcony, we have the perfect pieces to create your dream outdoor oasis.

Outdoor Sofa Phuket

Create a haven of relaxation in your Phuket home with Hiso Living's exceptional outdoor sofas. These aren't just ordinary couches; they are designed to withstand the tropical climate, ensuring you can unwind in comfort and style. Invite friends and family over for memorable evenings on your outdoor sofa, or simply enjoy a moment of solitude as you bask in the gentle sea breeze.

Outdoor Bench Phuket

For a more rustic and communal feel, consider Hiso Living's outdoor benches. Perfect for a garden setting or as an addition to your patio, these benches combine durability with a timeless aesthetic. You can count on them to provide a space for peaceful reflection or to accommodate guests for outdoor gatherings.

Outdoor Dining Table Phuket

Elevate your alfresco dining experience with Hiso Living's exquisite outdoor dining tables. Designed to be both stylish and functional, they offer the perfect setting for enjoying the delectable local cuisine with friends and family. Whether you prefer an intimate bistro table or a spacious dining set, you'll find the ideal outdoor dining solution in our showroom.


Phuket's abundant sunshine beckons for sun-soaked relaxation. Hiso Living's sunbeds provide the perfect solution for lounging by the pool, on the beach, or in your garden. Enjoy the ultimate in outdoor comfort as you soak up the rays, read a book, or simply close your eyes and unwind. The sunbeds in our collection are designed for both comfort and style, ensuring you feel like royalty while you sunbathe.

Visit Hiso Living's Showroom in Bang Tao, Phuket

Now that you've discovered the essence of outdoor living with Hiso Living's garden furniture, outdoor sofas, outdoor benches, outdoor dining tables, and sunbeds, it's time to see them in person. We invite all of Phuket to visit Hiso Living's new showroom in Bang Tao and explore the extensive range of outdoor furniture that we have carefully curated for you.

Our showroom is not just a place to shop; it's a space where you can visualize your outdoor spaces coming to life. Our experienced staff will be on hand to provide guidance, answer questions, and help you choose the perfect pieces to match your style and outdoor vision.

We believe that when you touch and feel Hiso Living's outdoor furniture, you'll experience the quality and craftsmanship that sets our products apart. Don't settle for less when you can have the best for your outdoor spaces in Phuket.

Enhance Your Phuket Outdoor Experience with Hiso Living

Phuket's natural beauty, abundant sunshine, and tropical climate make it the perfect place to enjoy outdoor living. Whether you're relaxing in your garden, hosting a barbecue on your patio, or basking by the pool, Hiso Living's garden furniture, outdoor sofas, outdoor benches, outdoor dining tables, and sunbeds will enhance your outdoor experience.

With a visit to Hiso Living's showroom in Bang Tao, you'll not only see our products up close but also gain access to expert advice to help you make the best choices for your outdoor space. The possibilities are endless, and the transformation of your outdoor areas is just a visit away.

Don't miss the opportunity to create the outdoor oasis of your dreams. Visit Hiso Living's showroom today and let us help you turn your outdoor living aspirations into reality.


Your search for premium outdoor furniture in Phuket ends here at Hiso Living's showroom in Bang Tao. Discover garden furniture, outdoor sofas, outdoor benches, outdoor dining tables, and sunbeds that will elevate your outdoor spaces and create an oasis of comfort and style. With the abundance of natural beauty in Phuket, it's time to make the most of your outdoor living experience. Visit Hiso Living's showroom and let your outdoor transformation begin!