Among the new features that have distinguished this Milan Design Week, we cant but mention the latest outdoor collection by Higold.

A company famous all over the world for the production of high quality outdoor furniture and for its collections characterized by a modern design thanks to its collaboration with some of the world’s most prestigious design brands such as Pininfarina and Nicolas Thomkins.

Onda, this is the name of the collection, is the new outdoor collection designed by Pininfarina. A collection that will surely be the undisputed star of this summer.


Westin Hotel HiSoLiving

Conceived for the outdoors, the Pininfarina design team took inspiration from the dynamism, the elegance and the purity of the ocean waves, from the empty space that is created when a wave is broken, resulting in to a hollow or tube wave.

The heart of the entire collection is the structure, an aluminium band sustaining the cushions and becoming the iconic element of the whole collection.

Characterized by fluid lines – as the ones of the wave – the band beyond being an aesthetic element becomes also a functional element, a rigid armrest that can be used to lean objects.

Westin Hotel HiSoLiving

The choice of the materials come from the Pininfarina 360° design experience: the aluminum – coming from the car sector – for the structure, the fabrics – used in the yacths for its resistance – for the cushions.

We have looked at the magic of nature to give life to Onda which is distinctive and, at the same time, able to be integrated in different environments. Technology and know-how coming from different sectors make it really unique affirms Paolo Pininfarina, Pininfarina Chairman.

“Pininfarina always brings breakthrough visions and futuristic designs to the world. The design of Onda is influenced by car design in the technology and in the use of top materials. We are sure the new revolution is ready in the outdoor furniture industry!” affirms Alwin Ou, Chairman of Higold Group.


Onda is the second project born from the collaboration between Higold and Pininfarina, after the Higold headquarters in Shunde presented in March 2017.