Polo 2.0

Polo 2.0 L-Shape Sofa Set

Артикул: 6841110

145,000.00 ฿

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Polo 2.0 is a modular lounge set that can be assembled into different configurations and can be available in various color options. Thick upholstery and cushions make Polo 2.0v with more comfort and coziness. With quick dry foam covered by fabric material being served as the back rests, it has balanced the principles between long-lasting usage and softness. The newly-added adjustable lounge meets the height needs of different people in lying position.Natural wooden elements assembled at the end of the lounges serve as side tables to hold lighting accessories and etc

1 x Left Double Sofa
SKU 684142 |180*100*65cm

1 x Right Double Sofa
SKU 684141 | 180*100*65 cm

1 x Middle Sofa
SKU 684102 |100*76*65cm

1 x Middle Corner Sofa
SKU 684128 100x100x65cm

1 x Coffee Table
SKU 684181 |120x90x28cm

 Other Specification

  • Fabric Material: Textiline

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