Aio L-Shape Sofa Set

Артикул: 2055120

280,000.00 ฿

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A collection that is inspired by the charm of Italy, its naturally expressive sceneries, relaxing seasides, and sunshine that is still and pure. The AIO collection is a feeling of absolute relaxation and comfort that envelops you and takes you to the exact Italian feeling. The majestic and refreshing texture of sands inspires the grains and surface of this collection. A sight to the eyes with its special and distinct color, especially when the sun shines on it highlighting its detailed textures.

1 x Left Double Sofa
SKU 205527 | 82*149*67,5cm

1 x Middle Sofa
SKU 205508 | 82*70*67,5cm

1 x Middle Corner Sofa
SKU 205528 | 133*133*67,5cm

1 x Right Double Sofa Sofa
SKU 205529 | 82*149*67,5cm

1 x Coffee Table
SKU 205581 | 110*75*32cm

1 x Coffee Table High
SKU 205582 | 80*75*39cm

Other Specification

  • Fabric Material: Acrylic

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